Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] SVS=Elite? AND Urban Students

From: morticia crone <>
Date: Fri Dec 6 18:43:01 2002

hi elizabeth,
you probably already know there are lots of lurkers following the
discussion...(which two days later seems already to be outdated!, but

while i understand, as more than likely does anybody who's on this list,
that you need a paying job and would really, really LIKE to work at a
sudbury school, i think that bruce made it clear that sudbury schools aren't
looking for a quick answer to fill a slot as a public school may do when a
person offers credentials and substantial life experience coupled with
enthusiasm and passion, etc. what i hear is that they - all those involved
in the school - need time to get to know a person before they offer them
long term employment. although this method doesn't suit your ideal and your
wish to work at a sudbury school, it's their way of testing the waters,
checking out the chemistry. who can knock them for that? why not try
getting a job somewhere else, maybe job share or something of that nature
and give a few hours each week to a sudbury school where you would really
like to work in the future? you can argue away the viability of such a
possibility, but
then, argue for your limitations, and they are yours... (richard bach said

ps, as far as getting paid for work, i think compensated is a better word
'cause of course everyone should be compensated for a service, but the
choice lies with us as to the form the compensation takes. voluntary work
is by nature a trade in personal satisfaction. if someone is volunteering
and not getting any personal satisfaction then they're not getting paid,
right? so if you can't dig voluntary work, then that really is something
for you to deal with, since it is a separate issue from your need to find a
financially satisfying job.

my two cents...

cheers and good luck,
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