Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] SVS=Elite? AND Urban Students

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Thu Dec 5 18:04:01 2002

"EARNED"...absolutely. And, yes, at the societal level, everyone in the US
(even everyone at Fairhaven, at SVS, and at Highland) is in an elite. At the
group level, in this country, whites, particularly white men (of which I am
one) are privileged. The only problem is when we can't see our privilege and
when we, therefore, act as if the individual level is all there is.


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From: "Joe Jackson" <>
> So everyone is elite in the United States? I think another word besides
> elite would be better. My dictionary says elite is a superlative.
> > It confronts those with unearned privilege in an attempt
> > to raise that privilege to consciousness.
> Well then it doesn't apply to very many people at Fairhaven, and it it
> sure as heck would not apply to the school itself. I hereby look at the
> blood, sweat and tears of the founders, parents, students and staff over
> the past 12 years and pronounce the school "EARNED!"
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