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Date: Wed Dec 4 16:06:00 2002

Hey Victoria, when you decided to go to school where did you end up


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> Hello there everyone,
> I would like to mention that I notice a prejudice against
> formal education in this letter and in many assumptions that
> I have seen in this discussion group. Although you will
> assume that I have a bias because I am a university student,
> I understand both sides of the fence for I did not originally
> pursue a post-secondary education because of my disbelief in
> the authoritarian structure of the university and the elite
> status of degrees. However, just as some of the founders of
> SVS having post-graduate degrees helped their credibility, so
> a degree may help someone else to help children in the way
> they wish. I don't know how anyone can judge what should be
> of value to someone else. Each person finds a concept like
> these self-directed schools at different times in their
> lifespan, and prejudicing yourself against someone who made a
> different life choice is hardly worthwhile. Everyone has a
> different level of tolerance in how much they can do without
> financial compensation, and after years of being in debt and
> scrounging for money to pursue humanitarian goals, either as
> a teacher at an SVS school or a university student, everyone
> can only make a decision about their own self. If it is not
> practically possible to pay someone for their labour
> sometimes, then as long as there is a goal to do so, let the
> people make the choices they wish. I hope the idea mentionned
> in one email is true, that there may be a teacher training
> program that pays. However, as this certainly is not true at
> all SVS school, some people may not be able to make the
> financial sacrifice because of restraints, and this situation
> may prejudice their being able to participate at the level
> they would choose. Imagine three examples: a graduate,
> finally looking forward to some compensation for many years
> of hard work; a teacher at an SVS school, looking forward to
> the compensation for many years of trying to start a school;
> a person interested in teaching at an SVS school who does not
> have the financial ability to volunteer. All are admirable.
> All should ideally be compensated for their work. Victoria
> wrote:
> > Hi Everyone,
> > I am not sure anyone who believes that Graduate school is
> worth going
> > into debt for but being a staff person a an SVS school is not. I
> > believe what I have learned in the three years I have had
> my daughters
> > at Diablo Valley to be my valuble most education so far. I never be
> > grudge one cent of the money I spend for this experience.
> I would not
> > trade it for a Harvard graduate education.
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