RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] SVS=Elite? AND Urban Students

From: Elizabeth Marrin <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 15:58:01 2002


> that the only possible reason you cannot understand why she
> would work for little or no money in starting a school is that
> she has different priorities and is operating on a different
> set of principles than you. She wants to start a school and
> is willing to be temporarily poor to do it. You're not.
> That's it;

Joe, you still have not gotten my point. I am poor. No bank
account. All debt. And lots of debt. And this is not a
*temporary* state.

It is a privilege to be "temporarily" poor. SVS depends on that
privilege of kind folk who can be temporarily poor.

My situation was this: I called Framingham SVS and got the stuff
in the mail - at two different times in my life. I did this
just after I got my undergraduate degree, and during my graduate
school year at Harvard. They are not a startup, but the person
on the phone said that typically what happens is that you fill
out a form and visit. Then you volunteer for a day a week, for
a year. Then, when the year is up, you might have an
opportunity to be voted in as a staff. But that would still not
be full time work.

Perhaps Framingham SVS has too many applicants. Perhaps no
openings. I'd grant them that. But I was told that this is
standard procedure for anyone trying to become staff. ANYONE?
No. Not anyone.

It is my stance and assertion that only people of privilege are
able to be staff. It isn't a crime to admit that. It is just
the way it is. (and perhaps it needs to be re-evaluated by the
founders, the students, and the board) Someone like me can't
work there. And I really wish I could.


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