RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] SVS=Elite? AND Urban Students

From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 15:41:00 2002

> Dear Joe,
> I understand that the bias comes from experience, but I still
> think it is important to minimize prejudices or
> "postjudices".

Hmmm. I believe relying on the sum of our primary and common
experiences to determine the best thing to do is the basis of the
empiricism and is what makes us humans able to do things like have
conversations over email and build schools and attend universities.

> If so many staff have regretted their time in
> post-graduate work, then why have so many SVS graduates gone
> on to post-secondary education?

Not just post-secondary education in general. I was not clear enough.
I'm talking about undergraduate and graduate education degrees.

> Perhaps the problem with the staff
> regretting their university work is that they did not have
> the freedom as youth to explore their interests and make a
> wise judgment for themselves that would justify their time.

I don't think so. The recurring theme is that the training received in
these schools tends to really get in the way in the Sudbury culture.
It's often hard to learn to stop being a teacher in these schools.

I'm not going to defend it past this because this is just what I have
learned from other staff and at Sudbury conferences. I don't have an
education degree myself so I have not had to deal with the unlearning
problem as much.

Remember I all I am doing here is trying to explain why you might hear a
bias against education degrees among Sudbury staff when they talk about
their schools. I am not sitting here trying to tell you that getting an
education degree is bad, OK.

> If this is true, the general "postjudice" that you make
> assumes that people usually made an error in choosing their
> course of study and thus will regret it.

No, like I said I was speaking specifically of people with education
degrees trying to relearn how to be staff in a sudbury school. I
apologize for not communicating clearly.


 However, this is not
> true in all cases, and should not be judged that way. Victoria
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