Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] SVS=Elite? AND Urban Students

From: Woty Free <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 15:18:01 2002

The 'is Sudbury elite' question seems to me to be something
along the lines of 'how dare you provide something better
for your own child before it's avalible to all children?". I
think this is a bad question. If parents do not work to
make things for their own children, then there will never
be any improvement for any children.

Sudbury is a good place, and the fact that it exists
makes it rather clear that public schools are
shameful places. It seems to me that the meaning
of this is that people who support public schools
ought to be ashamed of themselves, and support
something better -- not that Sudbury people
ought to put their priority on fixing public schools
rather than making a good place for children
where it's possible.

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