RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] SVS=Elite? AND Urban Students

From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 14:17:07 2002


I think you misunderstood me, and plus I think we're getting two
different conversations confused here.

Number one, I would never of dream of questioning that you have
convictions per se; that you have principles. I only meant to say that
based on what is being said on your side and on Jamie's, that the only
possible reason you cannot understand why she would work for little or
no money in starting a school is that she has different priorities and
is operating on a different set of principles than you. She wants to
start a school and is willing to be temporarily poor to do it. You're
not. That's it; there's no hidden putdown in there, and I'm not egging
you. I'm sorry if I made you sore.

Next, the two concepts that are getting confused here: your concern is
about catching on with an established school. Please understand that
this has nothing to do with Jamie's situation or my situation a couple
of years back: we FOUNDED new schools. It is different mentality with
different purposes and WAY different scale than simply trying to get a
gig at an established school

(By the way, if I were you there would be no limit to the number of
hoops I would jump through to get in SVS. I mean, you went to Havahd
for crissakes, I know you know how to jump through hoops.)

Now to your situation. I recognize that you are bitter that you can't
be hired into SVS in the manner you would like to be. I also recognize
that the way many small schools hire is not similar to the way other
schools hire. But since the students and staff of SVS democratically
decided over 34 years that this is the best way to decide to hire
people, I can't possibly see your criticism as anything but your
disappointment that it's so difficult to get in there. Maybe that's why
they have such good and committed people, no? Maybe they had bad
experiences with making it easy for people to get in?

But back to starting new schools: I stick to what I said about Jamie.
It's not a question of knowing you or knowing her, it's just a question
of whether you value doing it enough to do it. If you wanted to start a
school as bad as she did, you would do it.

Maybe you'll start one, maybe not. I don't know. But ask yourself,
does it make any sense that you racked up these huge student loans for
the sake of "the next generation of kids", then you come on this list
and start knocking on people that chose to go lean a couple of years for
starting schools for those same kids? I don't get it.

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