RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] SVS=Elite? AND Urban Students

From: Louie Mahoney Cohn <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 12:34:00 2002

Have you applied to the SVS Staff Training Program? If you have I'd be
interested in hearing you experience and if you have not why not. I think
there is a paid option in that program.
Mary Lou Cohn

>From: Elizabeth Marrin <>
>Subject: RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] SVS=Elite? AND Urban Students
>Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 07:24:16 -0800 (PST)
>Hi Joe,
>Thanks for giving your feedback.
>However, unless you know both Jamie or myself, I am convinced
>that you are not a good source to measure our priorities or
>convictions. I suppose, then, you need more information about
>me to see how I measure against Jamie? And then go talk to
>Jamie. In any case, Jamie should still be paid for her fine
>As for me, I have taken a huge personal risk and am in great
>financial debt in order to have received an excellent education.
> That itself is a great measure of my conviction. Who am I in
>debt for anyway? It is all for the next generation of kids.
>I already *did* the "I'll get myself into debt for this cause."
>Without being in the upper class, I did what I could to get
>myself ahead in the world. I worked through college, gaining
>much life experience along the way. I have overcome immense
>obstacles to achieve my undergraduate degree by the age of 27.
>Then, I expected to get into debt with my graduate school
>education. But I didn't expect to not get paid as soon as I was
>ready to start working. So, is SVS really interested in
>"hiring" me?
>My graduate degree is in risk and prevention - studying what
>environments bring about resilience, and preventing problems for
>kids before life becomes overwhelming. Based on my life
>experiences as well as my studies, I have come to the conscious
>passionate belief that something along the lines that of what
>SVS does is a good thing. I believe it that can benefit society
>greatly. I am willing (see "conviction" and "priorities") to do
>the work that needs to be done - public education is atrocious
>right now. I believe I am the next generation of radical
>reformers. Maybe you're egging me on to create a better SVS...
>one that doesn't ask employees to work for free.
>The next generation of high energy, high risk-taking reformers
>are young. We have college and graduate school debt - we are
>not capable of working for free. Unless.... SVS is satisfied
>that tacit messages are passing from the elite staff to the
>I dunno... how would you explain my generation's predicament?
>The Bush camp has so much power to persuade now with standards
>and testing... And anyone interested in radical education reform
>AND who has financial debt isn't going to head towards working
>for free, even if the cause is extremely important and worth
>fighting for. I believe, as most Americans do, that payment for
>services rendered (even if services rendered are of a radical
>nature and occur in startup mode) is a healthy and humane system
>we have. We are in the age of the 'cause for living wages.'
>In my experience, after receiving so many education loans, I
>cannot see myself recieving another loan until I have a paying
>It is a pity, Joe, that you think it reflects my "conviction"
>and "priorities" when, in actuality, it reflects SVS's.
>--- Joe Jackson <> wrote:
> > Jamie says:
> >
> > > The fact that my children will NEVER
> > > be told that they can't go to the bathroom or play outside
> > is
> > > more important than money.
> >
> > Elizabeth replies:
> >
> > > But nothing should be *too* important to work as if you had
> > > no job at all. Get yourself paid, girl.
> >
> > I think perhaps if Elizabeth had the same priorities and
> > convictions as
> > Jamie when it comes to the environment in which she wants her
> > children
> > to live, she would understand why starting a school like
> > Sudbury
> > sometimes has to take a priority over a comfortable living.
> >
> > Saying "get paid girl" is going to make as much sense to
> > staff/founder
> > types at Sudbury schools as it would to some Greenpeace guy on
> > a rubber
> > dinghy in the Sea of Japan. (To us) it's a CAUSE, not a GIG,
> > girl! ;)
> >
> > -joe
> >
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