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From: Amanda Phillips <>
Date: Tue Dec 3 23:25:01 2002

Sonia, I think David was quoting Rand, who bashed anarchy. While I disagree
with her on this point (I am an anarchist), she did actually know quite a
lot about anarchism when she made that comment. I think she happened to be
wrong in the conclusions she drew, but she had probably read, thought, and
discussed a lot more about anarchy than most of the people on this list.

For any who are interested in anarchism from a capitalist perspective (as
opposed to the usual socialist perspective), I highly recommend David
Friedman's book, The Machinery of Freedom. DF also happens to be a Sudbury
parent... his kids attend Cedarwood Sudbury in California.


> david, you need to do some reading up on anarchy before you bash it so
> strongly.
> > Ayn Rand WAS definitely against anarchy: . . . Anarchy, as a
> > political concept, is a naive floating abstraction: for all the
> > reasons discussed above, a society without an organized government
> > would be at the mercy of the first criminal who came along and who
> > would precipitate it in the chaos of gang warfare . . .
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