RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] SVS=Elite? AND Urban Students

From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Tue Dec 3 19:25:01 2002

Jamie says:

> The fact that my children will NEVER
> be told that they can't go to the bathroom or play outside is
> more important than money.

Elizabeth replies:

> But nothing should be *too* important to work as if you had
> no job at all. Get yourself paid, girl.

I think perhaps if Elizabeth had the same priorities and convictions as
Jamie when it comes to the environment in which she wants her children
to live, she would understand why starting a school like Sudbury
sometimes has to take a priority over a comfortable living.

Saying "get paid girl" is going to make as much sense to staff/founder
types at Sudbury schools as it would to some Greenpeace guy on a rubber
dinghy in the Sea of Japan. (To us) it's a CAUSE, not a GIG, girl! ;)

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