[Discuss-sudbury-model] Re: Discuss-sudbury-model digest, Vol 1 #25 - 7 msgs

From: mbi <mbi_at_joy.ocn.ne.jp>
Date: Sat Nov 30 19:40:01 2002

I subscribe to the digest form, and it is really frustrating for me when
people don't erase incoming messages from their replies. I think it is okay
to quote, especially since there are different threads people are replying
to, but in digest form, sometimes it is difficult to figure out the new from
the old.

Can people make an effort to erase old messages when posting replies,

I am really enjoying the discussion

Alison Miyake

Also, to David Rovner, yours come with lots of funny gobbledygook after
them. Are you sending messages in HTML?
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