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From: Brian King <kingsarchers_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Nov 28 01:30:01 2002

Hi All

I am a high school teacher in a small public school, Lone Pine (aprox.
125 students) in a small isolated high desert community in the literal
shadow of California's Mt. Whitney. In a small school every teacher has
many hats. I teach physical science, biology, construction, animal
science, environmental resources, and agricultural and I am the FFA
advisor. Every morning I meet a hand full of kids an hour before school
and work semi independently with them. I do this for two reasons, which
I will talk about later.

I have taken all of my classes and have made them as free as I can. I
wish I could throw out grading - but at this point having the students
individually tell me how to grade them (or grade themselves) and having
them choose from the state standards what they want to learn (teach
themselves) is a good first start.

Is there a Sudbury school in the Riverside area of California?

Thank you

Brian King
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