RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Introduction, Technology at Sudbury

From: Jason Jay <>
Date: Mon Nov 25 23:11:00 2002

>It is pretty much an accepted part of life in our school that there is
>personal responsibility on the part of every member of school meeting
>that they represent the school in their dealings with the world at
>and that their actions can be injurious to the school. What I am
>to understand is whether you feel that there is a difference in the
>degree to which they represent the school in the physical world and in
>written correspondence, like web-based email and chatrooms on the
>Internet, and how you perceive a difference (with regard to the degree
>to which a person represents the school) between logging on at school
>at home.

I think you just answered my question. At a public school, there is a
real boundary that kids pass through at the end of the day. When kids
are on site, they are supposed to be under the administration's control.
If, on the other hand, something doesn't happen on school grounds, it's
not in the school's jurisdiction. The Internet causes great fear in
those schools, because the children are ostensibly "under their control"
but engaging in a world far beyond the school walls. This creates
perceived need for all kinds of special restrictions. The Sudbury
schools by contrast are really by and for the students. Being a place
and community they truly create for themselves, the school can have no
real boundary of responsibility between home and school. There is no
abdication of responsibility to the administration in either place.
Therefore the transcendence of boundary represented by the Internet is
not special, and my question is moot. Am I catching on?

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