Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Introduction, Technology at Sudbury

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Date: Mon Nov 25 21:39:01 2002

I am not sure I completely get your concern. However, there is a rule about
school endangerment that covers anything that jeapordizes the school.
Students have been given indefinite(by other students through Judicial
meeting)suspension for acts that have fallen into this catagory.
This is of very little concern because at our school students to find plenty
of legal ways to enjoy thier time. There isn't the thrill of getting away
with something behind the back of the adults, that takes place in other
Most students have better computers and more privacy in thier own homes. I
don't think the school would ever call outside law enforcement unless a
student was putting everyone in physical danger and couldn't be talked out of
Speaking of which my 6 year old wants time on this computer,
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