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Date: Mon Nov 25 16:01:00 2002

Hi Jason,
I ditto Joe's reply. None of our donated computers have CD burners. The
computers are in a room that's not strictly a computer room so their isn't a
lot of privacy. These schools go from age 41/2 on up. I have noticed the
teens try to curb their swearing when the younger students are around even
though there is no rule against swearing. I can't imagine they would want to
expose them to pornography.
In some ways, I think your question is "Doesn't all this freedom have a down
side? Won't adolescents abuse it?"
 I think the opposite is true. I think our students are probably as
interested in sex as any students anywhere. However, they are allowed to
explore what ever interests them at the school. I think they would rather
spend time doing things that could include their friends and where they don't
have to feel awkward if a five year old walks in. I think that very freedom
seems to result in students exploring there sexual interests in their time
away from school.
I'm sure I've said this before on this list but this school is about raising
adults not children. I don't want anyone worrying about how I spend my
unscheduled time. I survived all my adolescent explorations intact.
In California we have raised the age of getting of drivers license from 16 to
18. We've had to pass anti drinking ordinances at colleges. We all know what
highschools have done since Columbine. It seems the larger traditionally
schooled population is having some difficulty understanding how to be
responsible citizens. So instead of exploring why this is, we curtail more
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