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What a great story, Evelyn. Thanks for responding. It's inspiring to
hear that the students were able to marshall the resources for new
machines on their own.

One thing that caught my attention is that students bring software from
home. Is there any attempt made to curb illegal copying and software
piracy? More generally, how does the school community deal with illegal
or questionable online activities like trading music, viewing
pornography, etc.? Imagine if a student used a school computer to run a
server for MP3's, facilitating illegal music copying. If the machine
were traced by record companies and law enforcement, the school might be
held responsible. Do you think the school community would pass that
responsibility to the individual(s) responsible, or would they create a
school rule against illegal activity?


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Hi Jason,
 For a long time there were only two computers and there was competition
computer time so one student who wanted to have more computer time. He
contacted all the parents and some companies and got four computers
to the school. He formed a computer corporation with other students and
in charge of maintenence. Students bring thier own software.
There are only two students who bring laptops. My daughter is one of
them but
she only brings it on occasion. I have never heard a students cell
ring at our school. Which either means they don't have them or they
feel the need to use them very much.
I know that there has been a big push to get computers in the public
I have a ten year old and a six year old that have never taken a
class.My ten year old had this banner of words scrolling on thier own
and email she was sending to a friend. This isn't something I know how
to do.
I asked her about it. She says "It's HTML code mom."
One of her pen pals taught her.Computers like everthing else are easily
mastered when your interested.
I am very happy I found this school for my daughters.
My Best,
Diablo Valley Parent

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