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From: Jason Jay <jason_at_jasonjay.com>
Date: Sun Nov 24 17:45:00 2002

Hello, everyone.

I've just recently heard about the Sudbury school phenomenon and thought
I'd join this discussion group to further my understanding. As a
current student at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, I'm immersed
in a great deal of debate and dialogue about problems and reform in
public schools, and I find it inspiring to hear about people who have
had the courage to re-envision the system from the ground up.

My own focus is in Technology in Education, and I just finished reading
Daniel Greenberg's interview in TECHNOS from 2001. In it he mentioned
that the Sudbury Valley School consumed more bandwidth in 1998-99 than
the Boston Public Schools, and he described computers as a "Trojan
Horse," threatening the very system of education. I happen to agree
with Greenberg's view - over and over again I see cases where computers
completely change the sociology of classrooms, empowering students and
highlighting teachers' own lack of knowledge.

I'm curious to hear more about technology presence and use at the
Sudbury Valley School and at Sudbury-inspired schools in general. How
many computers are present, and it what kinds of spaces? Who has
responsibility and control over software, maintenance, and use of the
machines? Do kids tend to bring their own computers (laptops, palms,
gameboys, cell phones) to school?

I have to say that I'm so thrilled by what I've read about the Sudbury
philosophy that I'd like to begin the process of trying to join the
existing staff of a school. Judging from discussions I've seen on the
list archive, however, it seems that's not a trivial process. Like any
political position, it appears to require a good deal of time commitment
and relationship building. Does anyone in the Sudbury Valley School
have a suggestion about how to start?

The funny thing is that I'm writing this message in the midst of pulling
together applications for doctoral programs (I'm in a one-year masters
program). Amid all the schools and programs I've looked at, it feels
like I would learn the most from just being a student at SVS!



"Fighting with another makes war, but
     struggling with one's self brings peace."
                 -Hazrat Inayat Khan

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