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From: Maartje <>
Date: Sun Oct 27 22:27:00 2002

On 27 Oct 2002, at 20:50, Scott David Gray wrote:
> Many people, after realizing the great costs (emotional and
> social, as well as physical and financial) decide that it is
> far less expensive overall to move.
> I certainly hope that you take more than a
> couple seconds to consider the advantages of moving to an
> area with a Sudbury school.

Thanks for your information Scott. And I would like to react to the
above part of your email.

The reason we were very short in our thoughts about moving closer
to a Sudbury school, is that the closest one we knew of is in
Alberta. We moved to BC for a reason, and don't want to move out
of BC. Through this list, we have found out about Windsor House
School, and we are looking into that.

Also, may I also ask of people on this list to read through this site:
and tell me what their thoughts are regarding this school? We have
been to visit, it is a young school (started three years ago).

Thanks again, also to the others who have replied to my post; the
information and links I have been receiving are wonderful,
informative and very thought encouraging!

Maartje Goodeve
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