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From: Victoria Serda <>
Date: Sun Oct 27 16:31:01 2002

Dear Maartje,
Hi! I'm from Southampton, Ontario, and have been working on starting a
school in this area for a few years. I even considered, at one point,
moving to Victoria to start a school there, as I lived there may years
Have you heard of the Windsor House school? It is a public school run
similar to SVS. You can find it on the SERN website or contact:

 Windsor House School
 440 Hendry Avenue
 North Vancouver, B.C.
 Canada V7L 4C5
 Phone: (604) 903-3366
 Fax: (604) 903-3367

Good luck!
Victoria Serda

Maartje wrote:

> Hello everyone.
> I am very excited to have found this list. My name is Maartje, I am
> Dutch but live in BC Canada with my husband Don, and children
> Josh (3 in Dec) and Luca (1st birthday today). We have been living
> in Canada since March 1999.
> While I was pregnant with our first, I already started looking around
> at schools. Eager to know what is out here for us. I also subscribe
> to the Continuum Concept mailing list, and we have, as a family,
> found great recognition in the ideas there. The Sudbury model has
> been mentioned there quite a lot, and I got more and more
> interested about it.
> About a month ago, dh and I started reading about the Sudbury
> model, and we are more than just enthusiastic. It sparks
> something within us. We are getting excited just about thinking of
> our kids finding their own way in life, which is basically what we are
> encouraging them to do already.
> Since there is no Sudbury school in our area, we were briefly
> considering moving closer to one. That lasted for about two
> seconds. Then we realized that we would ideally start one here in
> Victoria. This is why we have subscribed to this list. To find out
> whether this is really and truly what we want to do.
> For now we will be lurking, but do expect us to start asking
> questions sooner rather than later!
> Thanks for having this space!
> Maartje
> dh Don
> ds Joshua (1999) and Luca (2001)
> Victoria, BC, Canada
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