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From: Maartje <whizz_alot_at_telus.net>
Date: Sun Oct 27 01:05:00 2002

Hello everyone.

I am very excited to have found this list. My name is Maartje, I am
Dutch but live in BC Canada with my husband Don, and children
Josh (3 in Dec) and Luca (1st birthday today). We have been living
in Canada since March 1999.

While I was pregnant with our first, I already started looking around
at schools. Eager to know what is out here for us. I also subscribe
to the Continuum Concept mailing list, and we have, as a family,
found great recognition in the ideas there. The Sudbury model has
been mentioned there quite a lot, and I got more and more
interested about it.
About a month ago, dh and I started reading about the Sudbury
model, and we are more than just enthusiastic. It sparks
something within us. We are getting excited just about thinking of
our kids finding their own way in life, which is basically what we are
encouraging them to do already.
Since there is no Sudbury school in our area, we were briefly
considering moving closer to one. That lasted for about two
seconds. Then we realized that we would ideally start one here in
Victoria. This is why we have subscribed to this list. To find out
whether this is really and truly what we want to do.
For now we will be lurking, but do expect us to start asking
questions sooner rather than later!

Thanks for having this space!

dh Don
ds Joshua (1999) and Luca (2001)
Victoria, BC, Canada
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