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Date: Tue Sep 3 21:10:01 2002

I was involved in a group trying to start a Sudbury school in my area until I
came to the conclusion that the other adults in the group did not feel it was
the right place for a child with ADD/ADHD or AS. I had read how Sudbury was
based upon the learning styles of Issac Newton (who was diagnosed with
childhood pschizophrenia, now called Asperger's syndrome) and Thomas
Jefferson who many feel was AS. I thought it made sense for my AS son
because he loves to learn what he wants to learn and the democratic feel to
the school is a great way to teach social skills. The unstructured nature of
the school would take away the anxiety my child feels every day and the age
mixing would allow him to learn social skills and learn from other children.
But he does have behavioral issues and needs a fulltime aide, OT and speech
therapy etc. where he is now. My older son (ADHD) would probably have loved
the environment but would have spent his entire day listening to his CDs or
playing on the internet. He is in high school and before the damage of
public school conditioning was erased, he would probably have lost a couple
of years he did not have. He has a visual processing disorder so learning by
reading is not an option for him. Anyway, I thought a maybe a modified
sudbury model with a little more guidance and structure but with the same
democratic age mixing format would be a great type of school for kids with
neuobiological disorders.

                                Mary in CT
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