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Date: Mon Sep 2 20:36:01 2002

Hi Shelli,
This seems like were putting the cart before the horse. People are so
attached to the idea of a curriculum that it doesn't matter whether we
provide the staffing to accommodate severely handicapped students or not.
We would still get the majority of those parents saying the there children
won't learn anything in a school with no curriculm. The idea that play is
more valid then learning an academic curriculum is something very few of
people will accept.
I have seen children at open houses whose faces light up and who tell their
parents they want to go to our school. Then I find out later, that the
parents think there child needs more structure to learn.
Most parents are looking for "spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down"
solution to thier childs unhappiness in school. To me the doors of Sudbury
seem very open. There is no three strikes your out policy, students have a
lot of time to learn to respect other members of the community.
Evelyn Hardesty
Diablo Valley School Parent
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