Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model]Re: "ADD/ADHD" kids

From: Mimsy Sadofsky <>
Date: Sun Sep 1 21:48:00 2002

On Sun, 01 Sep 2002 20:10:03 -0700, Shelli wrote:

>Sudbury does not always take
>children with learning disabilities, which is in conflict with what Daniel says in
>the book, that there are no learning disabilities.

What does this mean? It is true that Sudbury Valley is not able to
handle profound learning problems, such as retardation; and it is not
able to handle students who will not or cannot take responsibility for
their own behavior. However, I have heard of no Sudbury school that
does not welcome students whom other schools have labeled as "learning
disabled", when the only thing wrong with them is that they are
unhappy or uncomfortable in a traditional classroom.

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