[Discuss-sudbury-model]Re: "ADD/ADHD" kids

From: Liz Godwin <ehgodwin_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Sun Sep 1 21:46:00 2002

At 20:10:03 -0700, Shelli wrote:

> > Care and Treatment of Indigo Children_, is also a good read).
>This is not by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, but by Doreen Virtue. good read
>yes, but
>I personally would not recommend Doreen's methods of diet and
>nutrition. I do not
>feel the dietary model she gave in here is not what I would call
>supportive to the
>children who are ADD/ADHD. I feel it more support Doreen's own personal
>of breathatarianism, not the children's ADD/ADHD requirements.
>I am sorry if this is offensive in any way and Liz please do not take this
>personally about Doreen's book,

Oh, nothing taken personally at all! To be honest, I probably skimmed or
even skipped over the nutrition parts as I was more interested in what I
could do as an educator and so I concentrated on those sections and less on
the aspects of the kids' lives I couldn't control (i.e. nutrition). Thanks
for making the points you did. :)

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