[Discuss-sudbury-model]Re: "ADD/ADHD" kids

From: Liz Godwin <ehgodwin_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Sun Sep 1 18:49:00 2002

Cheryl et. al,
        One book that I found to present a refreshing viewpoint regarding these
kids is _The Indigo Children_ (its follow-up, _Care and Treatment of Indigo
Children_, is also a good read). It makes a case for these kids as very
aware, both of themselves and of larger issues and ideas, which is
frustrating in a world that emphasizes quantitative knowledge and lockstep
thinking. Many of the kids profiled had a keen sense of what their purpose
in this life was to be, and knew that it was being frustrated daily by
their parents, schools, and/or society in general.

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