[Discuss-sudbury-model]Conference in October- Celebration of Life

From: Shelli Buhr <shellibuhr_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sun Sep 1 16:16:00 2002


I am holding a conference called a Celebration of Life October 18th-20th
in Atlanta, GA.

One Light Foundation is interested in sponsoring a Sudbury Booth. I
would like to see if anyone who has a school in operation or in progress
would be willing to mann a booth; and the moree the merrier. I would
love this to be an opportunity to get the word out on Sudbury. There is
no cost to you since One Light Foundation will be sponsoring the booth;
however, I cannot reimburse travel expenses.

After the conference is complete, One light will receive funds for the
foundation, which in turn, will go towards building a school here in the
area, or as a donation to another school that is in progress.

Jerry, if you would be interested in sponsoring a booth, I would love to
have you.

Anyone interested can email me privately at shellibuhr_at_earthlink.net. I
will give you my contact info then and the information on the
conference. Also, Saturday night, wee ae having a masquerade ball, so
come early and play with us!

Many Blessings,
Shelli Buhr
One Light Foundation
6595-G Roswell Rd. NE
Suite 823
Atlanta, GA 30328
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