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From: David Rovner <>
Date: Tue Aug 27 07:49:00 2002

Thanks Dana, Lisa, Cec and Adrienne,
I expect to hear some more comments on the IDEC from the various participants in the near future.
I wish you success in preparing next one in the U.S.A.
Can we do something more to advance democratic schools?

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  From: Dana Matthew Bennis
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  Dear David,

  This is Dana Bennis, teacher at The Albany Free School and employee of AERO. I traveled to the IDEC with 3 students as well as with Jerry Mintz from AERO. The conference was excellent! There were about 120 attendees for the entire program, and around 200 including all those who came for at least some time. There were representatives from democratic schools in Japan, India, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, US, England, Germany, Thailand, and Israel. There was a weekend program with lectures and discussions, and an open week program where all those attending decide what to do. That second section turned into a group brainstorm on how to expand democratic education to a larger audience.

  The exciting part for The Albany Free School and AERO is that we had fundraised to go to this conference so that we could make a proposal to host the next IDEC in Albany. The proposal was passed! We are starting to plan for the conference, which will be most likely in July, right away. I'll give you more details as they are decided. It has the potential to be a very important conference, being in the US for the first time, and the education systems of the US and the rest of the world needing to know that there is a better option out there. At the IDEC in NZ, we had a lot of conversation about what those involved with democratic schools can do for democratic education regionally and world-wide.

  Included among those attending the IDEC was the Booroobin Sudbury School. It was great to meet with Derek, who I believe is on this list, as well as another teacher and 2 students from Booroobin.

  If anyone has more questions about the conference, please send your questions, or email me personally at There is an IDEC listserve, for those of you interested. I can add you to it, just send me an email.

  Dana Bennis
  The Albany Free School and AERO

  on 8/27/02 Adrienne wrote:

  Dear Cec,
  Welcome home, and thankyou for taking part in IDEC. It's been an absolute
  pleasure to have had you here.

  Exhausted? not a bit! I had such a wonderful time, as did Will and Grace.
  My only regret is that I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to
  spend listening to talks, and taking part in discussion. But then, I'd do it
  all over again in a second!

  I'll pass your email on to Pat, Christine, Dianne, and the Mob.

  Lotsa love,

> > G'day Pat, Lisa, Christine, Dianne and all the Tamariki Mob,
>Back in Sydney and wanted to send very warm messages of thanks for
>making the past week possible. I hope your exhaustion levels are
>countered by a sense of enjoyment and pleasuable memories of the
>wonderful time we have had.
>Thanks for your message David. Will start to write about our
>experiences once I return to Canberra. I hope you will be heartened to
>hear about all the things we have discussed and the contacts and
>possibilities of sharing which have opened from the meeting.
>Much love, Cec

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  To all participants of IDEC (International Democratic Education Conference) in New Zealand:
  How was the Conference?
  What did you accomplish?
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