Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model]any chance to speed up the employment process?

From: Ben Robins <>
Date: Fri Aug 23 18:28:00 2002

Hi Elizabeth,

>I tried a year or so ago to inquire about doing a research
>thesis on SVS and I was met with a 'we don't do that here'
>attitude. I gave up quickly.

Yah, I gave up quickly about visiting some schools too. Maybe they prefer
people who don't give up quickly.

>I know that if I were to create a
>school, it would look like SVS but with a slightly different
>focus (less of 'do anything' and more of 'satisfy your
>curiosity'.... more of 'this is how you find what you are
>curious about')

A key Sudbury Valley point is that students are aware of their curiousities
and are capable of seeking assistance.

And some questions:

Where would interests that aren't curiousities fit into your school? For
example, I'm interested in improv, chilling, biking, but I'm only sometimes
curious about doing them better.

What would you do with a student who won't tell you what she is curious

What would you do with a new student who needs to clear her head for a few
months because of an abusive past? One who wants space and won't tell you

>So I am offended that I need to take more time to 'prove myself'
>right for SVS.

I'm an outsider myself. If I was an insider, to support hiring you you'd
need to prove that your answers to the above questions are consistent with a
Sudbury Valley school.

>all it takes is a
>moment to open your eyes... to know that all ideas and people
>are worthy and that education right now is really just
>indoctrination into a society that marginalizes those who don't
>have a voice.

Your 'all it takes' to understand a Sudbury Valley school applies to
thousands of other schools as well. These schools handle day-to-day issues
in different, incompatible ways. For example, if a kid keeps bothering
another kid, do you as staff handle it an Albany Free School way, a New
School way, a Spring Valley School way...?

Many schools have split when people who thought they agreed with each other
ended up disagreeing in key ways. You could shell out 15 bucks for Starting
a Sudbury School: A Summary of the Experiences of 15 Start-up Groups, or
maybe people would re-tell their stories over e-mail.

>But I don't want to do it on a small scale

If you want to be big, all the more reason to check you out thoroughly.
Like, maybe you'll visit schools and then write a nutty book about it. Or
maybe I'll be the one that writes the nutty book. They've had so many
visitors and they've been misinterpreted so many times.

From one outsider to another,


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