Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model]any chance to speed up the employment process?

From: Bruce Smith <>
Date: Wed Aug 21 17:02:00 2002


I agree with Joseph that approaching a school with a more-or-less specific
research proposal might (I stress, "might") be fruitful...if research is
what you wish to do. (Btw, the book to which he referred -- if my hunch is
correct -- is entitled _Legacy of Trust_, and is available from the SVS

However, I'm not entirely certain that research is what, or all, you have
in mind. I would need to know more to give you an informed response, but I
wonder: what exactly do you want, and how does that relate to what people
who work in Sudbury schools are doing? What kind of involvement or
employment do you seek, and how is that "problematic for [your] career"?

I can appreciate the impatience and frustration I sensed in your post. Yet
I can also assure you that the nature of Sudbury schools makes a lengthy
staff selection process, and limiting the number of people "on the
inside," quite necessary. Because this model is so unusual in most
people's experience, so difficult to grasp without prolonged immersion --
and because of our insistence that children's learning be entirely up to
them -- we maintain safeguards to help ensure informed staff selection and
student autonomy.

I hope this little bit helps, and that you find answers to your questions.

Bruce Smith
Alpine Valley School
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