[Discuss-sudbury-model]SVS prototypes

From: Shelli Buhr <shellibuhr_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Wed Aug 21 16:25:01 2002

Speaking of prototypes... since I am not an educator, but I would love to
build lots of these schools ... I was thinking about how I could accomplish
this?.? then I thought, maybe I could build a prototype, act as a consultant
and then build many.

I have already checked into the SBA stuff, done a worksheet, can figure
approximate costs, and looked into going to visit two schools to check out the

I am in Atlanta GA... but would love the opportunity to put these schools
together anywhere, since my job would only be about creation; once was in
done, the rest are mcuh easier. Just need the people/places.

let's chat maybe we can do something together!


Shelli Buhr R.M. D.M.
One Light Foundation
(714) 301-5913

Shelli Buhr
One Light Foundation
(714) 301-5913
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