RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model]any chance to speed up the employment process?

From: Joseph Moore <>
Date: Wed Aug 21 16:16:00 2002

Well, if you could design a good research protocol, it may be possible to
get others already involved to execute it for you.

There is a good bit of statistical information already available from SVS
(the title is skipping my mind), such as percentages of SVS kids who go on
to college (a debatable but widely admired stat).

Anyway, short of getting a grant of some sort, I have no other ideas.


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> Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model]any chance to speed up the employment
> process?
> In June I received my Ed.M. from Harvard Graduate School of
> Education. I'm dying for an opportunity to be involved with the
> SVS. I have a research background (qualitative and
> quantitative) and can be helpful in showing more than just
> anecdotal evidence that SVS is a great system.
> But my problem is that I am on the "outside" and I don't have
> time or money to wait to get on the "inside." (I can't
> volunteer once or twice a week...I know the process and consider
> it problematic for my career.)
> Any suggestions?
> Elizabeth
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