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From: Scott David Gray <>
Date: Fri May 10 12:42:00 2002

Actually, a number of towns in Massachusetts have started
charging a fee for students who take the bus (~$200-$350 per
student, depending on the town).

The free lunch program is made use of by only a fraction of
the students in Massachusetts, and the school's share (as
opposed to the Federal share) tends to be supported by the
lunches-for-sale and the franchises on campus.

And, yes, special needs programs do account for a chunk of
change in the public schools -- but not 2/3 of their
budgets. And in fact several kids who _were_ sapping huge
funds from "special needs" programs have enrolled and
thrived in Sudbury schools. Once in a while, a nearby town
decides that it would be more cost-effective for them to pay
a "special needs student's" tuition to SVS.

Your general point is taken though, that some of the
expenses can be accounted for by the "public" part of being
a public school. However, Sudbury schools are also accross
the board less expensive per-pupil than any private school
in Massachusetts (including the Parochial schools).

It is less expensive (for all concerned) to let people fill
their own day organically, than to hold them in a sterile
environemnt and then methodically fill it with whatever an
outside committee has decided would be a good idea.

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> << Don't think that because a school has great resources, that
> means that it costs a lot of money. I don't know of a
> single Sudbury school _anywhere_ with per-pupil as high as
> the per-pupil costs of any of the public schools in
> Massachusetts. >>
> Scott,
> Never one to defend the Massachusetts public school system . . . but is this
> comparison of cost complete?
> Doesn't the per pupil cost of public schools include the rather significant
> expense of busing? What about the cost associated with school lunches? Are
> school lunch (and in some cases breakfast) programs are funded separately?
> I'm not sure.
> Additionally, certain segments of the population that would be denied
> admission at Sudbury schools (because of special needs we are not equipped to
> deal with) drive the average costs per pupil WAY up.
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