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<< Don't think that because a school has great resources, that
 means that it costs a lot of money. I don't know of a
 single Sudbury school _anywhere_ with per-pupil as high as
 the per-pupil costs of any of the public schools in
 Massachusetts. >>


Never one to defend the Massachusetts public school system . . . but is this
comparison of cost complete?

Doesn't the per pupil cost of public schools include the rather significant
expense of busing? What about the cost associated with school lunches? Are
school lunch (and in some cases breakfast) programs are funded separately?
I'm not sure.

Additionally, certain segments of the population that would be denied
admission at Sudbury schools (because of special needs we are not equipped to
deal with) drive the average costs per pupil WAY up.

-Robert Murphy

Cedarwood Sudbury School

Santa Clara, CA
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