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From: Scott David Gray <sgray_at_aramis.sudval.org>
Date: Fri May 3 18:45:00 2002

Hi all,

I'm terribly sorry about the long time out. Sudbury Valley
has been in the midst of some computer problems.

--Scott David Gray
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... Another writer again agreed with all my generalities,
but said that as an inveterate skeptic I have closed my
mind to the truth.  Most notably I have ignored the
evidence for an Earth that is six thousand years old.  
Well, I haven't ignored it; I considered the purported
evidence and *then* rejected it.  There is a difference,
and this is a difference, we might say, between prejudice
and postjudice.  Prejudice is making a judgment before you
have looked at the facts.  Postjudice is making a judgment
afterwards.  Prejudice is terrible, in the sense that you
commit injustices and you make serious mistakes. Postjudice
is not terrible.  You can't be perfect of course; you may
make mistakes also.  But it is permissible to make a
judgment after you have examined the evidence.  In some
circles it is even encouraged.
-- Carl Sagan
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