Re: DSM: Re: a 'brief' word on education

Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 03:06:34 EST

Dear MR,

> education ...means to feed and nourish" and that
> "anything else is not education". Exactly. Precisely. I like it. I love it.
> You have redefined education. I was only saying that Sudbury had nothing in
> common with the usual and prevailing notions of education. That it had no
> agenda, no teaching method and that at its' core it did not view the child
> I always knew that Sudbury could simply redefine education
to be exactly what it was doing, if it wished.
And considering that Sudbury is a social institution in which children are
full partners, it could just as simply redefine, say, the notions of

That Sudbury is a social institution in which children are full partners is a
stunning achievement. I can nearly not comprehend such a thing. At the moment
I think it best goes like this. Sudbury is a social institution in which
children are full partners because it was largely built by children. What if
the general view of the parents and founders and staff was that they were
building a school? What if all along the children pretty much knew that they
were constructing their lives? What if the central core of Sudbury is an
offering of respect and freedom to the child, because over the years, the
children decided that that is what they wanted, that that is what they

I think you have it MR, freedom and respect is like food, like nourishment.

Warm Regards,
Bill Richardson

(p.s. See Alice Millers' "Drama of the Gifted Child")



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