DSM: A Latin Lesson (was: a 'brief' word on education)

From: Darren Stanley (rds1@ualberta.ca)
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 13:05:17 EST

Hi Rose Mary et al.,

Alas, I wonder where Charlotte Mason may have learned her Latin because the Latin meaning of "educate" is not to feed and nourish. This sounds nice and all, this sense of nourishing the mind and so on, but the etymology of "educate" is more along the lines of "to lead out from" or "to lead forth" (ex - + ducere). I suspect that that there is also a connection with the Greek words for pedagogy, education, child and play, as well. A pedagogue was a person who walked alongside a child to a place of learning and returned with that child from that place of learning - not a place as in a school, but an activity of playfulness (see further).

To see the connection between pedagogy, education, play and child, we might turn to the original Greek: paidagogos, paideia, paidia and pais. In this manner, we see what was originally the primary reference to the activity of children. Plato recommended that the guards' children learn their lessons through play; however, even for Plato the original connection became lost, and learning became a matter of earnestness, of not-play.


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  This is in hopes of developing an understanding on the topic we've been discussing.

  According to a Charlotte Mason website visited just now, the Latin word for education is "educare", which means to feed and nourish.


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