DSM: Re: a 'brief' word on education

From: Mary Rose Murrin (mmurrin@tampabay.rr.com)
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 06:36:48 EST

This is in hopes of developing an understanding on the topic we've been discussing.

According to a Charlotte Mason website visited just now, the Latin word for education is "educare", which means to feed and nourish. Any meaning for education other than providing for the mind the resources that it needs to grow and develop properly is a corruption of the original meaning- in the same way that a parent provides the foods that we need to eat. Some parents have an agenda and force-feed children who won't eat what is provided, some don't, but the one who allows the freedom is more likely to nourish as well as feed.

One of the things that a growing mind needs to grow and develop properly is freedom. Another is the opportunity to become responsible. Others are adequate mentors, respect, and tolerance. Others are access to high quality books- especially literature, raw materials for creative endeavors, and access to nature which is our greatest teacher. Anything else is not education. As this exists very few places in the world other than in the best SVS model schools (haven't evaluated any- just know from years of evaluation research that very few copies match the original in quality and intent), the best home schools, Summerhill, and perhaps a few isolated places on the globe that I haven't learned about yet, the movement to provide "free education for all" has ended up with a model where less are truly educated in the 'educare' sense than ever before in the history of the world. Then to take that corrupted meaning and imply that anything else other than the corrupted meaning is not education, is to take the fine artistically hand crafted furniture and burn it like ordinary wood...

Mary Rose


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