DSM: PLEASE READ: the DiscussSudburyModel list and the SVSOpenForum

From: Scott David Gray (sgray@aramis.sudval.org)
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 10:22:17 EST

Hi all,

 Some discussion about the SVSOpenForum has recently
appeared on the discuss-sudbury-model mailing list.
However, only a fraction of the persons subscribed to
discuss-sudbury-model are SVS Assembly members and would
have any clue about what this talk is about. And, beyond
that, these sorts of issues that are wholly internal to a
particular Sudbury school community are not of interest to
or the business of people who are not members of the school
in question.

For the benefit of people on DSM who do not know what the
SVSOpenForum is:

 A couple SVS parents at some point created a mailing list
of their own hosted on Yahoo, called "the Winch Street
Cafe." This list was by invite only, and was open only to
some parents from the SVS community.

 Within the Winch Street Cafe, several members came to
realize that the discussion was not open to every parent,
and was closed to all students and staff. A number of
people in the forum became very upset, and felt that the
forum should be opened up to the entire SVS community.
 In response to the desire by many parents to open the forum
to all members of the SVS community, the persons who founded
the Winch Street Cafe founded a side-by-side group called
the "SVSOpenForum," which staff and students have been
allowed to join. However, as you have seen, there has been
some debate as to just how open that list is -- some persons
from the SVS community feel that they are being excluded
from the SVSOpenForum (it is not my purpose here to comment
on whether or not this is true, but it is probably due
mostly to confusion over email addresses and invites).

 In any case, this is clearly a private matter within the
SVS community. This is NOT an issue for the community of
persons who are BROADLY interested in Sudbury Model schools
that are on the discuss-sudbury-model list.
 As list maintainer, I am asking people on DSM to _stop_
using this forum as a place to talk about disputes within
any particular Sudbury school community. Most members of
this list are _not_ School Meeting or Assembly members of

Thank you,

--Scott David Gray
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