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Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 09:48:07 EST


    I can only speak for myself, but I will say that when I am engaging in a
specific debate that centers on whether or not the Sudbury Valley School is
an "educational" institution, I find that it is necessary and quite
productive to incorporate the dictionary definitions of the words.
     When analyzed, I find that this is the only way to have clarity and
resolution on the specific issue I am discussing with another list member.
And at the same time, I acknowledge that if there was a different context
under which this very debate was taking place, things might fall more cleanly
into your observations.

"Take for example, distinctions that people want to make about school and
education. And, how do people attempt to make such distinctions?"

    Personally, I see a very large (and quite obvious) distinction. Here is
the crux of my point. If you were to say to me that, in your opinion, "The
definitions of the words education and school are not clear enough to make
absolute distinction between the two," and that furthermore you feel that the
distinctions that have been made are erroneous, specifically because of the
complex societal changes that necessitate different interpretations of the
words, that is one thing.
     An entirely different thing is engaging in a debate where the very
definitions have yet to be addressed at all! Indeed, reject or accept them,
but at least address them. I speak of a separate debate I am engaging in, one
which I believe played a part in your observations.

-Travis W.

-Travis W.


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