DSM: Re: Academic research on parents satisfaction?

From: David Rovner (rovners@netvision.net.il)
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 23:34:17 EST

There is a study made by Daniel Greenberg an Mimsy Sadofsky on alumni satisfaction.
Isn't that enough? ;-)

What becomes of students who attended Sudbury Valley as they pursue their lives as adults?
Here is a comprehensive study of the personal and professional histories of 188 former students, along with extensive comments on how they feel the school influenced their lives. Also included are the results of three earlier studies.

 Legacy of Trust: Life After the Sudbury Valley School Experience Daniel Greenberg and Mimsy Sadofsky. #110, 1992, 334pp., $10


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> Hello All
> Being new on this discussion group, I might have missed information . I
> intend to do a thesis paper in the framework of business administration .
> Being introduced to the democratic schools idea, and getting hooked I
> thought of combining the personal interest with academic duties. Upfront it
> looks as different worlds: business administration with hard measurable
> product criteria and Educational administration with more qualitative -
> subjective criteria. Though I don't intend to give up so fast. I know it
> might look as profanity, but does anyone know about hard research done
> referring to quality variables or customers satisfaction (parents,
> students) with quantitative results?
> Thanks
> Abi Shilon


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