Re: DSM: The Gifts in All of Us (Was: Re: Sudbury Charter Schools)

From: Mary Rose Murrin (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 20:40:41 EST

I have faith that when you are going the right way, follow your own inner
voice, and live uncompromisingly by the directives of that voice- all that
you need will follow.

So far, it works.

I don't see my role in society as providing a place for those with hope-
only to advocate for the vulnerable and to increase their choices. But if
those with hope benefit- wonderful. It is not so much that ALL people with
great gifts to give the world get thrown into a place where they cannot
escape- it is that TOO MANY suffer that fate. There is a matter of degrees
of freedom. Some people have degrees of freedom, some do not. For those
who have no degrees of freedom, a bowl of hot soup and a slap of bread and
butter and a warm place to rest is worth all they have to give. And some of
them might have the answers we need to great problems in this world but
spend so much time trying to save alive and out of pain that we lose those
gifts. I know a woman who writes great songs, but doesn't have the courage
to let many people hear them, instead she lives with a man who could kill
her and deems herself lucky because she has nice things. I know a boy who
wrote the kind of stories that made the world cry- but he couldn't spell or
punctuate properly. He was lucky. After several inpatient stays, a suicide
attempt, and several years at minimum wage, he got the idea to go to disc
jockey school- got a job at a small Vermont radio station- and thrilled that
small community with stories of grace, hope, and inspiration- he was killed
by a snow plow on the way to work one morning- but at least the world
benefitted from his gift in some small way- and his young death helped to
immortalize his stories in newspaper columns. These are my siblings.

I believe that if all people had the degrees of freedom that they need to
express their gifts, all the worlds problems would be solved in one
generation. There are things we can do to give degrees of freedom to
people- make sure that they have access to good food, a warm place to sleep,
clean water, and the tools that they need to be productive in a world
economy. We also must treat all people with respect and dignity and give
them access to what they need to have a sense of dignity for themselves. I
suspect, but I don't know, that we would have a lot less crime than now if
all children had the things that they needed to survive in the world-
including an appropriate education.

That's all. Don't want to get into any pointless arguments, so won't
respond to people when to continue seems pointless.

Mary Rose


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