Re: DSM: The Gifted (Was: Re: Sudbury Charter Schools)

From: Ardeshir Mehta, N.D. (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 08:58:58 EST

Hi David, and friends,

David Rovner wrote:

> To me, the challenge is to give everyone -- not equality but -- equal
> opportunity: the "gifted", the "average", the "learning disabled". . .
> " . . . Each of us, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, has our own unique contribution
> to make to the development of human culture . . ."
> " . . . Every person I have ever met has some special interest, something he or
> she is really good at. It is that special spark in each human being that makes
> them interesting, and ,makes us want to seek out their wisdom and counsel . .
> ."
> " . . . Let's make it our goal to produce a nation of eccentric entrepeneurs of
> the mind and spirit, measurable not by some standard tests of uniform
> knowledge, but by the degree to which each of us is able to make some small
> original contribution to the advancement of human culture"
> [quotations from: "We Need Less Homogenization, and Much More Variation
> in our Schools", Education in America -- A View From Sudbury Valley, Daniel
> Greenberg]...

The problem with this is, how are the gifted -- or for that matter,
anyone who devotes himself/herself to the pursuit of anything but
money -- to *make a living*? As Einstein rightly said, "Science is a
wonderful thing, but one should not expect to make money from it."
And the same goes for art, logic, mathematics ... the list is endless.

A scientist, mathematician or artist may be lucky, sometimes, like
Einstein, who got a paid job doing something of no practical value.
But leaving it to luck is hardly a solution. Consider Vincent Van
Gogh, who was not so lucky.


Ardeshir <>.


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