DSM: Re: TCS & how I know what Deutsch expects!

From: Alan Klein (alan@Klein.Net)
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 20:55:01 EST

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From: "Alan or Laura Gabelsberg" <argable@swbell.net>
> If my understanding of tcs is correct - it isn't that a common preference
> doesn't exist in every situation, it may just be that it hasn't been
> If that's true - then maybe my statement that it will take humans a long
> time to stop using coercion to solve problems has a tiny bit of merit
> because common pref.'s for big problems that involve large numbers of
> are really hard to find - and we are imperfect.

My father says that one ought to seek to find consensus if possible, but to
be open to the possibility that there is no consensus in any particular
situation. This is in contrast to those who see it as "building" consensus,
which implies that if one builds well enough that consensus can be had in
any situation.

~Alan Klein


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