DSM: TCS & how I know what Deutsch expects!

From: Alan or Laura Gabelsberg (argable@swbell.net)
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 20:43:06 EST

Ardeshir, we seem to agree on everything so far.

You asked:

But how do you *know* that that's going to be the case? Just
How do you know that we are not as highly evolved as Deutsch
expects us to be? How do you know that it will take longer than
Deutsch seems to think? *Have* you actually tried -- and tried
your very best, at that? Honestly, now.

Ha! Are you trying to be funny? Well - you've got me on that one,
Ardeshir! There is no way I can know that of course. I was sharing my
thoughts. Not facts.

I imagine that it will take humans a looooong time to stop coercing each
other, especially where children are concerned.

It sounded from the article that Deutsch looked at one or two tiny aspects
of SVS and says, "well, this part is coercive, and that part is coercive, so
you have to throw away the whole idea of SVS," and I didn't think that was

You yourself said that you haven't really tried this yet but intend to in
the future. Maybe a lot of people are all putting off finding common
preferences for a later date because, frankly, it is hard to do. I try to
find common preferences, but I am not always successful - no doubt due to my
own shortcomings and defects of character, lack of creativity in that
moment, or for other common reasons. There will always be room to improve.

If my understanding of tcs is correct - it isn't that a common preference
doesn't exist in every situation, it may just be that it hasn't been found.
If that's true - then maybe my statement that it will take humans a long
time to stop using coercion to solve problems has a tiny bit of merit
because common pref.'s for big problems that involve large numbers of people
are really hard to find - and we are imperfect.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.



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