RE: DSM: Re: TCS (Taking Children Seriously): Non-coercive Schools?

From: Alan or Laura Gabelsberg (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 10:29:14 EST

I agree with TCS philosophy in that it is up to each person to decide where
they want to be.

 You make a good point about city life versus village life. At least people
are free to leave a Sudbury campus if they want to go explore the city.

 Who said anything about "NOT trying" to find common preferences?? (I
didn't!) I don't think that I underestimate human potential by saying that
I don't think we are as highly evolved as Deutsch expects us all to be. I
do think we all have the potential - I just think it is going to take a lot
longer to get there than Deutsch seems to. If that is pessimistic in some
people's view so be it. I call is a realistic view. We should always at
least try to find common preferences to be sure.

How would a school go about making this point about giving kids the choice
not to be there with families that enroll? Should it be explicitly stated
in printed materials?

As for what it would take to eschew rules in favor of finding common
preferences - I don't know off hand if there is a single solution. I think
it would take lots of practice and people seeing other people do it
effectively so that others can learn the skill. It seems like it would be
something that would come from within the individuals that make up the
community. I can imagine it coming from the top down.



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