Re: DSM: Let's start something big

Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 00:11:45 EST

I think Aristotle said something about a life of learning's being the best
one. I certainly think so, but I didn't really learn how to teach myself
something until I had to start teaching. My first college teaching
assignment included a class of "remedial" students, not yet allowed into
Freshman composition. I was supposed to teach them grammar. I had to
teach it to myself first, using a couple of structurally oriented text books,
to really understand the explanations in Hans Guth's college handbook. I
had, in fact, studied it all before in seventh grade, but it hadn't "stuck"
until I HAD to know it to "teach" it.

Your revolutionary project raises a question, however, and that is how does
anyone persuade someone else of a suitable course of action? Exhortation is
the route you seem to be taking. I wonder whether your personal story
might be germane; are you an example of someone who has taught himself how to
learn? If so, how did that come about?
sincerely, Harlan
In a message dated 2/9/02 2:51:58 AM, writes:

<< it's about how anyone can live a more full life by

learning all the time. >>


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