Re: DSM: RE: let's start something big

Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 23:45:13 EST

Dear Jason,
As a person who has done a reasonable amount of lobbying, striving for change
in many authoritarian systems, ( like education, environment, vegetarianism,
etc.) and knows many others striving toward a new paradigm, I'd like to say:
good luck! Keep your enthusiasm, while maintaining perspective on how long
change takes in reality. Even through revolutions, a lot of ground work
needed to be done to prepare the public for it. One of the best streategies I
know of is to try to appear similar to your audience: mimic them, maintain
the same level as them, take time to understand their position. If you are
dealing with people in a similar situation to yourself, all the easier, but
if the people differ greatly, become a chameleon outwardly, and they will
respect your opinion and consider it. If the approach is too extreme to their
liking, all of your hard work will be not so effective.
I feel one of the best ways to go about the education issue is to defend
children's rights, for they really need to be given their rights by society,
in the same way women and other races than whites were this century. Most
people have never considered this, and when they think about it will see your
opinion much more.
Victoria Serda


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