Re: DSM: RE: let's start something big

Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 23:21:01 EST

Jason & Ann,

    I think that a lot of interesting points are being made. However, I would
like to point out a few concepts which I feel are essential to the concepts
that we are discussing.
    Firstly, I would like to say that while it may be easier to achieve
progress in those persons already leaning toward a Liberal, or change
oriented/alternative system (same thing), there are other people to be
reckoned with. There are those who are completely closed down about the
concept of completely revolutionary eduction, indeed.
    Perhaps the thing I respect most about the Public School System is the
fact that they, that is, the educators, are entirely honest in their belief
system. The fact of the matter is that they are proud of their way of
educating. Sometimes, the most interesting discussions can be had with these
people, and the changes that can sometimes be brought about in their way of
thinking are truly magical. Though quite rare.
    Secondly, to address the "dropping out of school" part. Just to speak on
the specific issue, and not to address exactly what was said, it is my belief
that any child needs some mechanism of preparation for an outside society.
Indeed, a school like Sudbury Valley, in my opinion, gives a child a better
situation simply not going to school.
    In the past, on this list, this statement has been misinterpreted. You
see, the only thing that I mean by this statement is that I do, in fact,
support the idea of schools in general. I think that it is a universally
accepted concept among all educators that some sort of preparatory mechanism
needs to exist within the country, that which can propel the transition from
childhood to adulthood.
    And yet I take issue with those who associate themselves with School's
like Sudbury Valley, when what they are postulating is simply a medium to
expend their own personal beliefs on child-rearing and political philosophy.
Be wary of these things.
    Always make the distinction. I strongly believe in the idea of "schools."
This does not mean I believe in a non-democratic school structure. I strongly
believe that children should be prepared for life in the outside community.
This does not mean that I believe in an imposed academic curriculum. There
are solutions to these undertakings. In terms of a school, it is a place (in
my mind) where children are treated as total equals, and are educated in a
democratic style government. And of course there is no curriculum. It is
still a school, though it is so entirely different from traditional, even
Liberal, education in general.

-Travis W.


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