DSM: Looking for Cascade Valley people

From: Kristin Harkness (kristin@harkness.net)
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 16:00:11 EST

Hello all,

I am writing with a SERN (Sudbury Education Resource Network,
www.sudburynetwork.org ) request. Periodically we get inquiries from folks
in the Portland, Oregon area who are interested in starting a Sudbury
school. Is there anyone out there who was involved with Cascade Valley
School who would be willing to be a resource for these folks? If so, please
write to us at info@sudburynetwork.org ; we will be happy to arrange to
handle these contacts in whatever way is most comfortable with you.

Thanks very much,
Kristin Harkness
SERN is an independent organization which is neither sponsored by nor under
the auspices of any Sudbury model school.


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