RE: DSM: Is Sudbury too democratic?

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Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 16:23:47 EST

Thanks for your comments Mike. I am not surprised by the findings of SVS
students that you mention below. I am also aware of some of the
democratic corporate models you mention. That said, the working world of
today is an autocracy and won't likely change widely any time soon. I am
curious as to how former SVS students have reacted to the very
fundamental change of having a boss who has ultimate authority as they
entered the work force. If anyone has any anecdotes or studies I'd love
to hear about it.


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A comment that I often make in discussion with others about SVS is that
former SVS students often tell me about their surprise and amazement
when they first meet young people at work or at school who grew up in
environments where there was a *captain of the ship.* They find that
these people don't know how to take responsibility for themselves. They
don't take pride in doing a job well. They don't know how to manage
their time. They don't know how to learn material or prepare for an
exam on it. They need to learn all of these things and more in the *real


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